Six+ Odds

Short Deck Poker equity analysis tool

Six+ Odds App is a poker equity analysis tool for Short Deck Poker that will help you improve your game. A Poker Odds Calculator is not meant to be use in a middle of a live hand. It is usually use out of a game for hand analysis.

How to use Six+ Odds to improve your game

By using Six+ Odds, you will boost your odds knowledge about 6+ Hold’em, you will improve the quality of your thinking process, and thus, your decision playing Short Deck. Here is how you can use this poker odds calculator to improve your game:

Thinking in terms of hand ranges is essential

This app calculate players’ probabilities of winning with specific hands. It will also help you to think in terms of hand ranges: this capacity is important since poker is a game of incomplete information. You don’t know your opponent cards, so being able to estimate your equity against a range of hands is an useful skill to acquire and become a better player.

Review and discuss hands you have played withsolide mathematical knowledge

Poker players commonly discuss and analyse poker hand they have played. Reviewing those hands by using a Poker Calculator will help you to study equities at any point. You can easily see if you have took mathematically corrects decisions and if they were better way to play the hand.

Get familiar with common situations' equities

With this equity analysis tool you can easily set up scenarios that you might encounter. In poker there are many common situations. To know those common situations’ equities will help you to take faster and better decisions during a hand. While playing a hand, you have many things to think about. By getting familiar with those equities, it will allow you to spend less time to calculate odds mentally and have more time to focus on others aspects of the hand.

Test yourself on random scenarios

You can analyze and test yourself on random scenarios by using the keyboard random button to generate random players’ hands and random boards.