Six+ Odds

Hand range menu Glossary

. Shortcuts

. Hand Range Grid

Selected cells are dimmed
Added cells are orange
Partially added cells are blue
“s” is for suited
“o” is for offsuited

. Range Percentage (above the grid)

The percentage of all possible hole-card hands that are in the range, it’s the odds of getting a hand in the range.

. Top X% Of Hands Slider

Slider selects the top X% of Hands. Hands are ranked according to pre-flop all-in equity against 1 random hand.

. Auto-Add/Remove grid cells

When this option is active, grid cells are added (or removed) to the hand range as user tap or swipe them. When this option is inactive, grid cells are just selected, not added (or removed).

. View Card Removal Effect

When this option is active, it affects the range percentage above the grid by taking board cards, players’ cards, dead cards into account. This setting doesn’t affect calculations.

. View Combos details

‘Weights’ - weights are displayed in the range grid.
‘Combo counts’ - combos counts are displayed in the range grid.