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User Experience

We truly understand user’s needs, the calculator has beencreated by poker players for poker players.

We highly value UserExperience and the app has been design to have a flawless, intuitive and smooth utilization. Our calculator is a comfortable and easy-to-use application.


Short Deck Rules option

Easy switch available between 3Of A Kind and Straight hand rankings


Calculate probabilities ofwinning for players. Equity is a player's ownership of the pot.

Hand Type Stats

View how often a specificplayer's hand will make a hand type (one pair, two pair, 3 of a kind, etc.)

Hand range

Full grid of 81 starting hands;Hands slider selection; Built hand range function; Select suits in hand ranges; Weight hand combos in hand ranges; and more.

1-10 Players

Add up to 10 players.

Fold / Unfold Player

Fold and unfold players. Foldedplayers do not take part in calculations



Fast and Accurate calculation. Calculationspre-flop and post-flop use Monte Carlo simulation. Simple scenarios use complete enumeration.


Hand range

Select hand range for players.Hands combinations grid with advanced options allow you to build a detailed hand range


Easy-to-use keyboard designed for cardsselection. It allows you to see unselected cards, selected cards, and dead cards. Players and community cards are easily set. The keyboard also allows you to generate random cards.


Short Deck Rules

Depending on what short deckgame you play, you can easily switch between the different 6+ Hold'em rules.

Six+ Odds

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